Patients about dr. bodrogi...

„Dr. Bodrogi is a wonderful artist. His beautiful masterpiece has helped me in my career as a professional opera singer!”

Cherie Valaray – Los Angeles

„After trying out many dentists in Budapest, I have finally found an A-Class dentistry at Attila Bodrogi’ s clinic.

I am always guaranteed professional treatment in a relaxed atmosphere with Dr. Bodrogi. He makes a visit to the dentist a pleasure. He has given me a world class smile for the world class stage! Many thanks!”

Cathrine Gallagher – Ireland

National Champion of Ireland

Principal Dancer / Choreographer The Irish Dance Experience Show

„Wow! I am very pleased with my new smile, my teeth are so beautiful, they look so great on pictures. I’ve learnt to smile again! It is not completely different, but still... It is wonderful!

Thank You!

Éva Horváth –Hungary

former Beauty Queen, TV presenter

„I was thinking about having orthodontic treatments the last years, but I kept backing off. Finally I’ve found Dr. Bodrogi and decided to have Smile Makeover.

My „new smile” was done a week before my wedding, when I checked it in the mirror I couldn’t believe my eyes! Amazing!

From now on I don’t have to hide my teeth, no need to cover my mouth, I can smile and laugh without shame! I became self-confident, extrovert and happy!

That was life changing. Thank You!”

Aida –Hungary

„No pain, no fear at the dentist’s chair? Yes, that’s right! I relax, I even compose new songs while the great dentist, Attila Bodrogi is making my teeth even whiter and brighter Thank you Attila!”

Bea Palya – Hungarian Singer

“I was so lucky to have such a Dental Team working on my smile. Everyone is so calm, patient, ready to solve my problems. The ambiance is extremely nice and clean. I am very proud of my new smile! I got many compliments, my friends are wondering how could this smile change happen. Well, it’s magic... Thanks for everything!

Kriszta Szalai – Hungary

„After weeks of research, I decided to have my teeth veneered with you in Budapest. My decision was based on the images you sent me of the past works that You had done and your kind and professional advice before the treatment. I could not have been more pleased with the work You did for me. You were able to give me one of the most beautiful teeth I have seen, without looking fake or unnatural. My friend’s girlfriend (a fashion model) is also very pleased with your work.

I would highly recommend You to anyone that is interested in cosmetic dentistry.”

Gianfranco M. – Ibiza

„I can say without the least hesitation that I have never, either in the United States or in London--where I live, been to a more beautiful dental surgery.  I was extremely impressed by the work You did for me.  Never before in my 52 years had I had a desensitising injection which was totally painless. Your restoration looks beautiful – it is completely invisible. You and your assistant work so smoothly and so well-coordinated that I almost fell asleep in your chair.  The overall impact of your surgery is delightfully relaxing.

It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I hope I will have a chance to see you again.  I do envy your permanent patients and I hope they realise how lucky they are.”

Professor Peter I. Barta BA MA PhD




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