Dr. Bodrogi Attila
Dr. Bodrogi Attila

Thank You for taking the time to introduce You what I believe in.

I believe that dentistry is much more than a job to do, it’s a profession:

which brings out my professional creativity.


where microscopic accuracy meets art.


providing the highest quality of service.


It’s all about You!

Have You ever felt the difference between wearing an off-the-rack suit and a tailor made smooth Gucci suit? Or steping into Berluti shoes made for You instead of regular ones from the store? This is what I’m offering You, exclusive high-end service for unique people in my dental studio. Tailored treatment and customer care to serve your own, unique desire. I do believe that dentistry can be re-evaluated. I provide the smile which absolutely suits your personality and it goes beyond by fulfilling You and your personality.

Tailored service

Two of the most important factors in life are health and time. I promise to keep an eye on both of them. I give unique, personalized, top-notch treatments to my patients on a daily basis for more than 20 years. It requires well prepared and precisely planned treatments. Therefore I have to understand your point of view, your needs, your motivation and time limit if there is any. I offer concierge service on demand: arranging transfer and dental appointments, so your business won’t be kept back.




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